A family owned and operated cafe offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have been satisfying customers since we opened our doors in 1981. We also offer catering and furniture rentals for any event.


Some of Our Favorites —


Linguica & Eggs

Local Cattaneo Brother's linguica, two eggs with potatoes O'Brien, toast or English muffin & salsa


Fried Egg Sandwich

Try a BLT with mayo and add two eggs served with potatoes O'Brien



Ham Scramble

Diced ham, tomatoes, green onions & cheese scrambled with two eggs served with potatoes O'Brien, toast or English muffin & salsa


Eggs Benedict

Two poached eggs serve over ham and English muffins doused in hollandaise sauce. Served only on Sundays


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A Brief History

In the early 1900’s The Robbins Family opened one of many neighborhood grocery stores in San Luis Obispo, Cailfornia.The Robbins for the next 50 years owned and operated The Del Monte Grocery. While Mrs. Robbins was running the grocery end, Mr. Robbins local barber,was cutting hair in his front corner of the store. It wasn’t uncommon to watch many customers ride up to the store on horseback jump off, get a haircut, catch up on some local gossip than fill their grocery bags and then ride off. Back then you would find a quart of milk for 11 cents,a loaf of bread 10 cents, and a whole pound of bacon for just 40 cents, and of course you could fill up your candy bag with penney candies. In the late 1920’s Mr. Robbins passed away to leave Mrs. Robbins and their Daughter to run the store for the next 30 years until Mrs. Robbins and her Daughters death which happened just 6 months apart. The store by this time was so run-down it was boarded up and then condemned by the city.

It sat there until 1980 when Debbie and Mark Collins had a dream for this little piece of San Luis Obispo History. The dream of creating a neighborhood cafe. This dream started with acquiring some old bar stools from a old building in Templeton a small town to the North and the 30’s style dinner was in the works. Just about 1 year later, Feburaury 2nd. 1981 the doors opened as The Del Monte Cafe. Since then we have been dedicated with serving our customers with the freshest home style food that our county has to offer. Fruits and vegetable from our local Farmers Market, fish from our local fish monger, and breads from a local bakery. The Del Monte Cafe is truly a San Luis Obispo tradition.



1901 Santa Barbara Street
San Luis Obispo,CA 93401



Mon – Fri, 6:30 am – 8:30 pm
Sat, 7:30 am – 8:30 pm

Sun, 8 am - 2 pm



(805) 541-1901